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Made these #hamburgers in #foodsservice class today with my classmates!

Made these #hamburgers in #foodsservice class today with my classmates!

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The district attorney (DA)’s Daughter Series #1
Meet David Haden
David Haden is an EADA temporarily assigned to the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. Portrayed by actor Harry Connick, Jr., he appears in L&O SVU episode SVU: Official Story in which he assists police with investigation of kidnapping case.

In SVU: Official Story Haden and detective Olivia Benson develop chemistry, leading viewers to believe that their relationship may blossom into something more.

In season 13, he and Olivia Benson secretly dated. He and Benson broke it off during “Justice Denied.”

Though he was not complicit in the statewide law enforcement scandal, which broke in “Above Suspicion, Haden resigned from the DA’s office after the arrest of Paula Foster of the Public Integrity Unit, who had reported to him.

Meet David Hayden’s Wife Cecilia

Cecilia is a half-elf girl who appears in Rune Factory 2 as a marriage candidate. She can usually be found either at the Eagle Inn or at the De Sainte-Coquille Manor. Cecilia will keep her job as a maid after she’s married and in the second generation. If she marries Jake she will have a son named Orland that shows up in the second generation (if not, Orland’s mother will be Yue, and his father will still be Jake). Somehow she entered the modern world and became the adoptive daughter of Elliott and Olivia Stabler. She’s now a grown woman while she joined the SVU team with her parents she meets David and later on got married and have a child.


MIKI (1-美紀, 2-美姫, 3-美樹, 4-美貴): Japanese name meaning 1) “beautiful chronicle,” 2) “beautiful princess,” 3) “beautiful tree,” or “priceless beauty.” she is the daughter of David Haden who loves Clark Kent they went to Smallville University and fell in love but now they’re grown up.

Meet The Blur/Superman/Clark Kent

Born as Kal-El to Jor-El and Lara-El, Clark was sent to Earth by his parents to fulfill a destiny in which he would become the savior of humanity: he was rocketed off of the planet just minutes before its destruction. Accompanied by a massive meteor shower, his spaceship crash-landed in Miller’s Fieldin Smallville: there, he was found by farmersJonathan Kent and Martha Kent to which they raised him as their son, instilling in him strong moral principles and teaching him to use his abilities for good. Thanks to the yellow sun, Clark developed many Kryptonian powers that grew stronger as he got older. He learned much about his origins from Swann, a journal and an artificial intelligence version of Jor-El. Clark secretly fought crime around his hometown during his high school years and moonlit as a vigilante throughout Metropolis initially known as the Good Samaritan, then as the Red-Blue Blur, and then simply as the Blur. By day, he works as a reporter at the Daily Planet and manageshis family’s farm. He meets Miki and falls for her I guess you can say love at first sight!

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What I consider to be some of the greatest quotes I've heard:

“Thad asked, "Why does she keep calling you Kid, Mr.Morgan? Something about that sounds mite familiar." "Son of a gun!" Bill suddenly exclaimed. "He's Kid Morgan, the gunfighter! I've read about him! Lace glanced at The Kid and smiled. "Looks like your secret's out."
"It was never that much of a secret." The Kid shrugged. "Well, I'm glad I don't have to keep it anymore," Nick said. The Gustaffson brothers looked at him. Bill said, "You knew about this?" "Yeah," Nick replied, looking a little ashamed. "I'm sorry, fellas. Mr.Morgan asked me to keep quiet about it, and I promised him I would.” ― J.A. Johnstone, Brutal Vengeance
"Using feminine wiles to get what you want, trading on your looks? Read a book sister, that passive agressive number went out long ago. Chicks like you give women a bad name!"--Batgirl, Batman and Robin
"I wanna car. Chicks dig the car." "This is why Superman works alone."--Robin and Batman, Batman and Robin
"Marty McFly:Wait a minute, Doc. Ah... Are you telling me that you built a time machine... out of a DeLorean? Dr. Emmett Brown: The way I see it, if you're gonna build a time machine into a car, why not do it with some style?" - Back To The Future
"Blair:Dorota, you have to keep me away from Chuck for the next 24 hours no matter what. Dorota: But Miss Blair—Blair: Don't Miss Blair me. The only way to be done with this thing once and for all is to have a Bassectomy. Now help keep me occupied."-Blair Waldorf (From Gossip Girl)
"Clark:"What's with the bag?" Lois:" All-nighter survival kit. Comfort food, comfort footwear, and comfort music, chicken soup for my soul."(Smallville, RABID)
"Tess:" Being with a hero means accepting that hero's sacrifices."Lois:" That's where you're wrong. Being a hero's wife means never accepting defeat."(Smallville DOMINION)
"I got this friend. Cool leather jacket, blurs faster than a speeding bullet. He's pretty good at impossible." -Oliver Queen(Smallville Finale)
Barney Stinson:This isn't Barney. …but I hear that guy's awesome.-(How I Meet You Mother)
"First you treat a woman as a woman, then a princess, then a greek goddess, and then...a woman again." --Shawn Spencer(PSYCH Black and Tan:A Crime of Fashion)
"Shawn Spencer - Give me a call when you find out anything. Later, my little Jewel in rough. Juliet O'Hara - Diamond in the rough? Shawn Spencer - Pretty sure Jafar refers to it both ways. "--(PSYCH Social Sector)
" Mexican Lassie is way better than American Lassie, much like Coca Cola."--Shawn Spencer(PSYCH No Country For Two Old Men)
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#pizzanight tailgaters yummy

#pizzanight tailgaters yummy

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Raise the Animal Boyfriend of your dreams!

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I will love #thephantomoftheopera forever Erik is my #angelofmusic

I will love #thephantomoftheopera forever Erik is my #angelofmusic

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I just love the smell of library books and be surrounded by them ^_^
Finally I am able to read The White Princesse by #PhillipaGregory.

I just love the smell of library books and be surrounded by them ^_^
Finally I am able to read The White Princesse by #PhillipaGregory.

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I am reading #pocahontas by Susan Donnell. I just love the smell of library books and be surrounded by them ^_^

I am reading #pocahontas by Susan Donnell. I just love the smell of library books and be surrounded by them ^_^

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I love the smell of Hawaiian flowers called #brisa&#160;!

I love the smell of Hawaiian flowers called #brisa !

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